Zultys MXvirtual by Connector73

Zultys MXvirtual by Connector73 is an all-in-one unified communication solution and IP phone system in an Azure Virtual Machine. Innovative, reliable and scalable, MXvirtual brings together voice, video, data, and mobility, to optimize collaboration and communication for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud phone system

MXvirtual by Connector73 is cloud based, enabling you to easily manage and access your data by reducing the total cost of ownership and removing the hassle of managing complex hardware. Get the power of enterprise-class services with an integrated contact center, call monitoring, corporate directory and so on. Make your business global with a virtual presence in more than 40 countries.


Zultys MXvirtual integrates with a wide range of Microsoft Services from Office 365, Azure based 3rd party solutions and Cognitive Services, to complex business management systems such as Salesforce, NetSuite, ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics and much more. It also integrates with Azure Active Directory to power unified user sign in for Azure Services, Office 365 and MXirtual apps. Zultys MXvirtual can be the starting point for Azure cloud-based infrastructure inside your company.

Security of your communication and data

Deployed in Azure Cloud, Zultys MXvirtual is highly secure and reliable; with automatic monitoring, software patches and custom-built moderation techniques that protect against DDOS attacks. Zultys MXvirtual supports voice encryption based on Secure RTP to ensure communications remain private when using Zultys phones and softphones, like ZAC and Connector73. MXvirtual can be configured to have fully encrypted data exchange between cloud and applications on client devices.

Applications and Devices

Use and manage all of your communications right from your smartphone. On the go or at your office, you can make phone calls, manage voicemails, access your company directory, and much more, using our Windows, Mac and mobile applications for IOS and Android. Also, you can use high-quality desk VoIP phones from Zultys that utilize open standard SIP protocols and enable to use all services from the MXvirtual system. We also support integration of Zultys MXvirtual with certain 3rd party applications and devices upon your request.


Zultys MXvirtual business phone system is easily administered across all your locations and incorporates all your users include mobile and home workers from any device just in one place.

Work anywhere, anytime, from any device

  • Connect your office and remote employees under one phone system
  • Connect using existing phones, desktop computers, mobile devices, wearable and IOT
  • Manage call rules and notifications online, anytime, anywhere

You can choose Microsoft Azure location

  • Can use a lot of business services alongside with MXvirtual
  • Get most reliable solution
  • Optimize total cost of ownership
  • Easy to manage

Increase Customer Engagement

  • Automatic Attendants and customer self service templates
  • Intellectual call routing like "Find Me", Back Customer
  • Unified multimedia queue for contact centers
  • Integrate your cloud phone system with the business apps you rely on most

Simple pricing model

  • No up-front / hidden costs
  • No in-house expertise for management
  • All service subscriptions include technical support
  • Additional options for support in Azure infrastructure

You use it, we support it

  • We can help to host your system for you in the cloud
  • No hardware setup needed - deployment in a few minutes
  • Automatic Monitoring and Updates
  • Technical support on demand

How to Start?

Moving your business communication to the cloud is more than simple. Set-up is easy and fast. Connector73’s technical support will make this transition smooth and simple for all of your offices and employees. You can always contact Connector73 team if you have questions regarding ITSPs or configuration of Zultys MXvirtual in Azure or on-premise.

  • 1

    Setup from Azure Marketplace or on-premise

    Zultys MXvirtual can be deployed both on Azure Cloud or on your own servers. You can choose to pay monthly fees for a hosted solution or purchase a permanent license for on-premise installations. All the features, functions and capabilities of MXvirtual are identical, except extras. With a hosted solution, you can always extend functionality of your system by adding extras. You choose to have it your way!

    Go to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Get MXvirtual for Microsoft Hyper-V:
      Windows Server 2012R2 edition
      Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 edition

    Get MXvirtual for VMware:
      MXvirtual .ova image version 13.0.5
      MXvirtual firmware update version 14.0.6

  • 2

    Purchase your License

    Connector73 sells through its channel partners. We have a network of partners who are well-trained in deploying and supporting Zultys MXvirtual in the cloud or on-premise. To purchase the license, we will connect you with the nearest partner in your region. Choose the license that better reflects your business needs from Pricing

  • 3

    Initial Configuration

    Once Zultys MXvirtual is installed, it needs to be configured for your network. Follow the steps provided for configuring your MXvirtual for the first time right after the installation procedure has completed.

    1. Configure Security Certificate
    2. Add Users and Configure Authentication
    3. Select ITSP and connect with his service

    Note that, to ensure a high-quality VoIP phone system, we suggest using a supported Internet Service Provider with your Zultys MXvirtual.

    Here are the recommended ITSPs:

  • 4

    Add Connector73 Extras

    Setting up extras is an optional step. To extend functionality of your system you can add Directory Service which gives you access to your corporate address book on mobile devices and many 3rd party desktop.
    Mobile proxy and provisioning that provides you infrastructure to manage applications configuration on mobile devices and settings for all of your users.

  • 5

    Start using it

    Your installation is complete! Now, you should decide the number of mobile and desktop users. Then, install the apps on your employees’ devices and start using it.

    Mobile User Apps:
    Connector73 for iOS (required to have installed Connector73 Extras)
    Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android
    Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone

    Desktop User Apps:
    ZAC application for macOS and Windows...


Zultys MXvirtual is priced as a monthly licence/subscription based on the type of users. You can choose packages designed for standard business users, premium users for comprehensive unified communications capabilities, and contact center users ideal for customer service, sales and support organizations. We propose one month free of charge trial period for all new subscribers. No any obligation during trial period.

Custom license

To fit your needs and personalize your experience, we can create customized license subscription for companies of any size, from virtual to enterprise. This subscription can fit in any state of your business. You can add or remove any features at any time.
  • Any types of users - Basic, Premium and Contact center
  • from 2 to 2000 users
  • Integration with AD and Azure AD
  • Support for 3rd party applications
  • up to 100 Call recording sessions
  • Support for 3rd party ITSPs
  • MXnetwork redundancy
  • Archiving and Advanced Reporting
  • Conferencing
  • Contact center features
  • API for 3rd party application
  • AVR and Text to Speech services
  • Support for additional store for voice mails and recordings
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscription
  • Microsoft Exchange integration
Billed Monthly

On-premis license

You can get license to setup MXvirtual on your own server
  • All as custom
  • Can be installed on Microsoft Server 2012R2, Microsoft Server 2016, Microsoft Server 2019, Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
  • Required Microsoft Hyper-V
Billed One time


  • Standard user: Phone, voice mail, mobile apps
  • Premium user: Phone, voice mail, desktop apps, video, mobile apps, conference and fax
  • Contact center user: Phone, voice mail, desktop apps, video, mobile apps, conference, fax and inbound contact center agent/manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical support at any questions that you have not found an answer below

Get Started

  • What do I absolutely need to start using Zultys MXvirtual in Azure?

    Since your phone system is in the cloud and delivered online, all you really need is a connection to the Internet. All other features can be connected as needed and preferred by you.

  • What about existing phone numbers will I be able to use them?

    Most likely yes, but as always, some things may depend on your existing provider and their capabilities. Our experts will help to solve this problem. For more details we advise you to contact our sales department.

  • Can I use my communications service provider?

    Most likely yes, but as always some things may depend on your existing provider and their capabilities. Our experts will help to solve this problem. For more details we advise you to contact our sales department.

  • Can I use my legacy phones?

    Yes you can, as long as your current phones support SIP protocols. More detailed and technical information can be requested through technical support and/or our sales team.

  • Can I use third-party applications with Zultys MXvirtual?

    Yes you can. Mostly. However please note some of our enhanced service functions can be not implemented in third-party applications. For more information please contact the technical support or our sales team.

  • What CRM/ERP can be integrated with Zultys MXvirtual?

    Our cloud communication solution can be integrated within a wide range of applications from Microsoft Office suite and Office 365 to complex business management systems such as Salesforce, NetSuite, ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics and so on. Bring communication capabilities to the applications you use every day.

  • What types of devices are supported by Zultys MXvirtual?

    Zultys MXvirtual supports most IP-phone models that use the SIP-protocol and we guarantee 100% compatibility with the Zultys IP phones and Polycom IP phones. Connector73 also supports wearable (smart watches) and IoT devices (webrelay, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi relay board).


  • Does the subscription includes technical support or it must be purchased separately?

    All and any Technical Support is included from your Trial period to your regular subscription free of charge. We are here to not only create solutions but maintain solutions for you.

  • How to deploy MXvirtual for Azure?

    We have prepared for you a step by step getting started guide. Here is the manual for deploying MXvirtual in Azure Cloud.

  • How to set up Azure AD services for MXvirtual?

    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory, and identity management service. To set up MXvirtual work with Azure AD services you need a valid Azure subscription associated with Azure AD directory and a certificate to be used to enable secure LDAP. Here is the manual for setting up Azure AD services with MXvirtual.

  • What will happen if my office suddenly loses Internet connections?

    Our service will simply continue working you can opt to direct all calls to mobile phone numbers and you can connect to service using any mobile provider. That’s what makes this such a great solution.

  • Do I need to create my own backups of data and settings?

    Our service Business subscription includes full backups of settings and data for all client systems every 24 hours. For all other subscriptions and on-premise installation, you are responsible for the backups by itself. If you need to back up any specific user data, you can activate this service by contacting your our sales department. This service is free for standard configurations.

  • What will happen to my data should I cancel my subscription?

    All data will be available to you up to 30 days from the moment you have completed using our services or sooner if you specifically request this. However we don’t expect you to cancel ;)

  • Is your service reliable or in other words does it have outages or known issues?

    Our servers are located in several European data-centers and are connected to multiple communication channels. Therefore, we can guarantee a high degree of redundancy and a guaranteed availability based on Azure VM SLA of 99.9%.


  • What is GDPR?

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an updated data protection regulation that seeks to harmonize privacy, data protection, and security standards across the European Union. The purpose of GDPR is to ensure the protection of European citizens' and businesses' data in today’s digital society.

  • Who does GDPR impact?

    If a business collects, stores or otherwise manages the data of individuals who live in the European Union, the business is likely affected by GDPR.

  • When does GDPR go into effect?

    GDPR becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.

  • What is CONNECTOR73 doing?

    CONNECTOR73 has taken a number of steps to ensure that our platform is GDPR-compliant, including:

    • We have a core data protection team in place.
    • We’ve taken an even harder look at exactly what we’re storing and where we’re storing it and have taken steps to minimize retention that isn’t critical to our business of serving our customers.
    • We’re providing CONNECTOR73 customers with a Data Processing Agreement confirming that we are processing personal information in compliance with the GDPR.
    • We’ve reviewed all vendors who are processing our customer’s information and entered into data processing agreements with them, as required by the GDPR.
    • Even though the GDPR only applies to personal information of European data subjects, we’re applying these standards to ALL customer data that we process.
    Have questions? Want to know more about what CONNECTOR73 is doing to be ready for the GDPR? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to request a copy of our updated addendum form.